Here's what we do

We are passionate about delivering top-notch translations.

We translate with PASSION

We didn't choose video games – they chose us. We fell in love instantly.
It was like a rollercoaster ride – interchangeably sweet and bitter.
But as the time went on we became older and decided to give back.
And that's how ReWord was born – out of pure love and passion.

We ALWAYS stay in touch

Some people prefer waiting for some miracle to happen... But we don't!
We are the ones who knock first.
We are coming outta nowhere.
We are climbing down your chimney to deliver the best localization you can have. Just leave some milk and cookies. Like a truck-load of cookies.

We deliver QUALITY

Don't you hate when your localization is not up to your standards?
Nor do we.
With experience in Polish localization QA gained in AAA games industry, our mission at ReWord is to deliver first-class translations for everybody, no exceptions.

 Who are we?

Who are we?

ReWord is built upon young, aspiring translators who do not fear to aim for the highest. We believe in constant development and people who are not scared of leaving their comfort zone for creative and outside-the-box thinking.

(Gosh, such corp-talk! We are cool. Join us, we have cookies. Seriously.)

Our Team

Meet the people who make localizations real. You can write us at any time. Almost.
Oskar Nowak
Oskar Nowak
Founder & Translator
Krzysztof Sagola
Krzysztof Sagola
Founder & Translator
More to come!
More to come!


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